Lumberjacks in the highlands of Småland in the 1930s didn’t have it easy. Work was tough. Winters were long and snowy. Keeping warm was hard, especially the hands. Hestra founder Martin Magnusson knew this to be true, and it inspired him to launch his company. His work in timber forests, agriculture, and field service on skis in Jämtland during WWI had taught him just how important it is to have comfortable hands. On his farm at home in Hestra, Martin started to make sturdy work gloves from leather and wool. His customer base grew with the arrival of skiers who came to enjoy the slopes at Isaberg.

80 years later, Hestra is now in its fourth-generation as a family company. Lars-Olof, Martin’s eldest son, was there from the start and still opens the office each morning. Martin’s grandchildren, Svante and Claes, grew up among the tradition of gloves and slalom gates. Today, they run Hestra. Their sons Jacob, Niklas, Anton and Jonas also work in the company. Skiing, outdoor life and gloves are the common thread that runs through each generation. As the company has matured the scope of Hestra’s glove making expertise has expanded. From the mountains and forests of Småland via slalom skiing and athletic successes to include exclusive fashion gloves that carry on the centuries-old tradition of glove making that is becoming a rare art form.

Simply put: we are passionate about warm hands. We’re passionate about gloves that provide fingertip sensitivity and protection under the most varying conditions. Gloves that unify the finest materials with the feeling that results from true craftsmanship. Welcome to Hestra.

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