For Spring 2016 we take inspiration from our rich heritage and return to the Club House. We look directly at Palm Springs Tennis Club for an air of refined leisure.

This “Re-Prep” sees the re-invention of preppiness in a clean way with a modern feel by incorporating athletic elements from golf and tennis. With a nod to the bold 70’s, colorful plaids are seen in mix of saturated and pastel colors, adding a freshness to the delivery. The Lawn fields our second delivery as we relax on the shaded veranda surrounded by desert flowers and sand blushed cacti. Gridded checks and active stripes infuse a unexpected graphical element to the subtle textures that are both printed and engineered.

Spring darks are lifted with muted pastel tones and acidic marigolds. Giving to an overall feeling that’s light and right and at home under the sun sheltered palms. Finally, for the third delivery, we take to the open Desert Highway as we follow deep into the barren dunes to get away from it all. Nomadic silhouettes and sand blasted fabrications mark the delivery. The palette takes influence from the dusty, sun faded environment, incorporating washed indigo shades that are layered into core earth tones with touches of rusted sandy oranges.