Set in Argentinian gaucho terrain, autumn/winter 2017 Amsterdams Blauw is made for climate and comfort contrasts and a world of new indigo frontiers.

We begin in comfortable elegance – in a French, colonial outpost hotel. The second part of the season continues in never-ending desert plains, where our gauchos brave extremes in weather, and the constant wash of dust.

Their newest indigo collection ensures our denim sartorial survivors are exquisitely ready for all.

The first Amsterdams Blauw AW17 story is a beautiful edit of ‘dressed up denim’, infused with effortless colonial-Parisian influences found in L’Hotel Tigre Noir. Fits and silhouettes are hotel-themed too: tuxedo, bell-boy and pyjama styling lend innovative and more tailored lines to lots of new indigo. Colours are pared down to a key three: optic whites, greys and intense cobalt blues. All-over print and pattern takes on the form of ‘interior’ repetitions – tile and wallpaper designs, complemented by insignias and crests.

For the second injection of Amsterdams Blauw autumn/winter 2017, gauchos abandon comfort for the desert; making it their playground and race terrain. To brave the elements, styles are layered, patched and cleverly customized with gaucho blankets and Sherpa. Heavy and extreme washes are the result of desert weather and wear. Colours and styling are darker and dust-etched, with a colourful desert-heat pop – providing a complementary opposite to the cleaner story of part I.